The law enforcement officer was Justin Krohmer, a sheriff’s deputy for Stark County in North Dakota. Krohmer, who was with his mother at a Kenny Chesney concert at the FargoDome, was arrested after he allegedly vomited on people during the show. He was jailed for disorderly conduct and resisting and obstructing an officer.

Krohmer’s mother – Susan Krohmer – was also arrested and booked on the same charges, although there are no reports that she was also shouting at the ground. According to reports she was pushing police officers.

But wait. It only gets better.

You see, Mom Krohmer is the wife of Ada, Minn., Police Chief Wade Krohmer. According to In-Forum, which describes itself as “North Dakota’s #1 news Web site,” it is unclear as to whether Chief Krohmer attended the concert with his wife and digestively challenged son.

What’s more, apparently one incident of upchucking at the FargoDome is one incident too many. In-Forum quotes Fargo police Sgt. Mark Lykken saying the venue practices a kind of a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to folks tossing their cookies resulting in the alleged tossers getting tossed out of the building.

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