Virgin Mobile USA and festival promoter I.M.P. call the community service option the “Generation Free I.P.” which gives residents of Maryland and Washington, D.C., the opportunity to perform 13 hours of community service helping youth homeless organizations in exchange for one I.P. ticket. Of course, the offer is good only while supplies last.

What’s an I.P. ticket? Think V.I.P. but without the “V.”

Virgin Mobile is also organizing volunteer projects in Philadelphia, Boston and New York where two free I.P. tickets will be given to folks donating the most time above 13 hours. Winners will also get a free bus ride to the festival by way of the event’s official bus line, Megabus.

Youth homeless organizations working with the festival include Bridge Over Troubled Waters in Boston; Green Chimneys in NYC; Help USA in Philadelphia; StandUP For Kids in Baltimore and Sasha Bruce in D.C.

“Once again, the folks at Virgin have come up with an idea that is so simple and wonderful, it reminds us we need people from outside the concert industry to take a fresh look,” said I.M.P. chairman Seth Hurwitz. “The idea of offering people the opportunity to do charity work in exchange for concert tickets is truly inspiring, and I am going to look for ways to do that the rest of the year. Why not use our power to give?”

For more information about the Virgin Mobile FreeFest and chances to exchange community service for tickets, please click here for the festival’s Web site.