Neverland Memorial A No Go?

In yet another Michael Jackson development, a source close to the situation now says a public memorial to the King of Pop may take place in Los Angeles but not at the Neverland Ranch.

According to the Associated Press, a source refusing to go on record but identified as being close to the situation, said nothing is planned for Neverland. That is, at least not through Friday. Instead, the source says a funeral and burial will most likely take place in Los Angeles.

Photo: AP Photo
News media trucks line the road near Neverland’s entrance.

Santa Barbara County authorities began prepping for an onslaught of mourners after media outlets reported the Jackson family was planning a public memorial service at the ranch located about five miles north of Los Olivos, Calif. While the unnamed source says that isn’t going to happen, the anonymous insider did say the family may hold a private memorial at the ranch.

As to burying Jackson at Neverland, the source says billionaire Thomas Barrack, who co-owns the ranch in a joint venture with Jackson, sought an exemption to bury the King of Pop on the grounds, but said it’s a procedure so complicated that it couldn’t be completed before the weekend.

“The family is aware a Neverland burial is not possible,” the source said. “They are expected to make decisions about whatever funeral and memorial service” will take place.

Photo: AP Photo
A truck carrying Porta Potties rolls through the gate of Neverland Ranch

But it does look as if something is up at Neverland. Heavy equipment and workers were seen entering the ranch as late as Tuesday.

But even if you’re burying the King of Pop, there are laws regarding an interment on private property. The family would have to get permission from local land-use officials. But that’s only the beginning of the process. Then it’s off to the state’s Cemetery and Funeral Bureau to file the required application and paperwork – a process that could take up to 30 days.

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