Akon Tour Postponed

Akon’s early July tour of Asia was postponed to October with various reaons being cited, depending on the source.

In the Philippines, where the Senegalese-American singer was scheduled to perform July 4 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon, Showbiz News Ngayon said that organizers of the concert requested the dates to be moved due to fears over the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, though the official reason given by Akon’s side was “unforeseen circumstances.”

SNN ran a taped message from the singer apologizing for the postponement.

Meanwhile, The Star reported that Akon’s Malaysian concerts were postponed due to an “urgent family matter” related to the singer.

In addition, the show’s promoter held a meeting with an official of the country’s Information, Communications and Culture Ministry over concerns that one of the show’s sponsors, a “prominent liquor brand,” might cause problems since Akon “was born a Muslim.”

Malaysia has restrictions on cigarette and liquor sponsorship for public events.

A new sponsor has been found for the rescheduled October concerts, according to the Star. The promoter said it would also give out T-shirts to concertgoers who are deemed “improperly dressed.”