Former ABBA-man Benny Andersson found himself denying rumors the famed Swedish quartet that dominated the charts during the 1970 would reunite and perform on some of the suddenly vacant Jackson-less shows.

“No one has even asked us, and if they asked us they would have ‘no’ as an answer,” Andersson said, noting that the original shows were scheduled to begin in a week.

“And even if it wasn’t happening in a week, no, no we’re not on,” Andersson said.

What started the ABBA rumors? Probably when AEG Live exec David Campbell was quoted in London’s Sun tabloid saying, “There’s a little foursome out in Sweden we keep talking to.”

While Anderrson was adamant about ABBA not reuniting, he did sympathize with AEG’s sudden vacancy problem.

“All of a sudden, they have 50 nights and they are just empty, you know,” Andersson said. “I don’t envy the situation of the management down there. I understand that they need to do something, but we are not the answer.

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