Bulgaria’s Cracking Kaliakra

Bulgaria-based promoter Martin Stoyanov thought it was the best lineup he’s ever booked, but was still surprised and more than delighted when Kaliakra Rock Fest smashed its attendance record.

The 4-year-old event at Kavarna, on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, came close to selling out the soccer stadium’s 15,000-capacity for The Scorpions on the second night.

“It was fantastic because of the recession, but we benefited because this year in Sofia there hasn’t been a major rock show of this nature,” Stoyanov told Pollstar after the three-day event attracted 6,000 more fans than the 22,000 it did in 2007.

He also said he thinks sales may have benefited from the cancellation of Depeche Mode’s Balkan shows.

“It’s not really the same sort of music at all, but I think some people had the money back but still wanted somewhere to go,” he said.

The acts helping Stoyanov break records at Kaliakra July 3-5 included Motley Crue, Dream Theater, Edguy and Blind Guardian.