SPAC’s Beer Garden Blues

Live Nation, Aramark and New York State Liquor Authority officials have met to discuss an on-premise liquor license for the Saratoga Performing Arts Center that would allow patrons to drink in their seats instead of in a remote beer garden.

A license would supplant the single-day permits Aramark obtains to sell beer and wine at SPAC events and which require that all imbibing take place in an area segregated from the shed and lawn seating areas.

Live Nation’s John Huff, the venue’s GM, told the Daily Gazette that patrons can expect to see changes before the current season ends, although the permit process isn’t yet complete.

While a new alcohol policy at SPAC might make fans happy, the state Park Police union Local 102 isn’t.

“We’re vehemently against extending the sale and possession of alcohol at Saratoga Performing Arts Center,” Sgt. Jack Sadousky, VP of Local 102, told the paper. “It’s the union’s opinion that there’s a disproportionate number of officers injured at Live Nation concert events versus our normal police patrol functions,” he said.

The Daily Gazette reports that no officers have been injured so far this year, although alcohol-related arrests have been made in the parking lots at concerts including a recent Dave Matthews Band show.