Colbie Caillat Duets With Archie Comics’ Archie Andrews

A week after Colbie Caillat’s sophomore album is released, the singer-songwriter and guitarist will be featured in a very special venue – the pages of Archie Comics. Issue Veronica #196 shows Caillat on the cover singing a duet with Archie Andrews himself.

The big buzz around Archie Comics’ Riverdale is Archie’s upcoming proposal to heiress Veronica Lodge. Fans are shocked the popular redhead is finally ending the ongoing love triangle (after attending Riverdale High School since 1941) and choosing the brunette beauty over blond girl next door Betty Cooper. The proposal, as part of Archie’s 600th issue, hits stores Sept. 1 but is set five years in the future.

Before Archie slips the ring on Veronica’s finger, the heiress will have to deal with a little bit of competition – Caillat, who is also fallin’ for Archie. Caillat’s Riverdale debut is set in real time (well, besides the whole being in high school for 68 years).

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The story is entitled “Fallin’ For You,” named after Caillat’s new single of the same title from her Breakthrough album, due in stores Aug. 25.

Betty wins tickets to Caillat’s concert and Veronica wants to tag along, but Betty has already promised her extra ticket to Archie. It’s safe to say this means some drama for the Riverdale teens because what Veronica wants, she’s got to get.

The cover of the issue suggests a duet between Caillat and Archie’s band, The Archies.

”Mixing it up with Archie, Veronica, and Betty and the gang is absolutely one of the highlights of my career,” Caillat said in a statement.

And what does Veronica have to say about the singer?

“Colbie is cool. She is incredibly talented with a sensational singing voice. Riverdale hasn’t seen anyone like her since…well….me.”

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