First up is Tyler, who has reportedly pulled a leg muscle, causing the postponement of six Aerosmith shows (Cincinnati, Ohio; Hershey, Pa.; Virginia Beach, Va.; Raleigh, N.C.; Charlotte, N.C.; and tomorrow night in Tampa, Fla.).

The singer’s injury is just the latest in a string of health problems that has plagued the band recently, including a head injury suffered by guitarist Brad Whitford as he was exiting his Ferrari, Joe Perry’s knee replacement surgery last year, Tyler’s previous bout of pneumonia and bassist Tom Hamilton’s struggle with throat cancer.

Gahan, who can’t seem to catch a break on the health front, tore a calf muscle during Depeche Mode’s July 9 show in Bilbao, Spain. His injury comes on the heels of his recent surgery to remove a tumor from his bladder.

According to a message to fans on the band’s website, the singer has been instructed by doctors to stay off the leg to allow it to heal and prevent further injury.

So far, only DM’s last two European shows are affected: July 11 at Super Bock Super Rock Festival in Oporto, Portugal and July 12 at Olympic Stadium in Sevilla, Spain.

The band apologized to fans for the inconvenience and offered those holding tickets these options:

For Sevilla tickets: A full refund at point of purchase

For Oporto tickets: A full refund at point of purchase or exchange Oporto tickets for the festival’s date in Lisbon, Spain, or go to Oporto and see the other bands performing and still attend the festival’s date in Lisbon if they desire (a pretty sweet deal, except you don’t get to see Depeche Mode)

Getting old is a bitch, huh guys?