Red City Entertainment’s lawsuit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, is seeking lost revenue from the Sept. 27 “Poppin’ Bottles” concert at Nassau’s Bristol Wine & Spirits Grounds, according to the New York Daily News.

Lil’ Wayne had reportedly postponed the gig for a day because he wasn’t happy with the sound and lighting at the venue. However, the rapper didn’t show up for his set the next night and police sent to his hotel room allegedly found him passed out and “unwilling to perform,” Red City’s attorney told the News.

As to just how much money was lost, Courthouse News Service reported that Red City’s lawsuit, claiming breach of contract, fraud, conspiracy and conversion, seeks repayment of $432,000 in costs for the production, including $210,000 for Lil’ Wayne plus expenses, and $385,000 for ticket refunds to about 5,000 fans.

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