Band Bar Brawl

Don’t expect to see Collective Soul or Gavin DeGraw in Myrtle Beach, S.C., for 12 months, if the police have anything to say about it.

The musicians were wrapping up a co-headlining tour when they got into a brawl at a local bar before their House of Blues show July 13. Collective Soul’s Ed Roland told a morning radio show that the police don’t want to see them in the resort area for a year.

A patron punched Ed’s brother and bandmate Dean Roland out of apparent jealousy, according to Ed Roland, because the patron’s girlfriend “made a comment to her boyfriend about either my brother or Gavin being a good-looking dude.”

DeGraw tweeted his account, telling fans that he and his 20-man crew got into a brawl with “a group of juiced up assholes.”

The love-song loving DeGraw then schooled them. “You’re never too old to get disciplined. My boys showed up to protect after they threw the first cheap shot.”