GReeeeN Guinness Record

The Guinness World Records formally recognized July 2 the song “Kiseki” by Japanese vocal group GReeeeN as the biggest-selling single of all time in terms of digital downloads.

Last year, the song was used as the theme for the hugely popular TV series “Rookies,” about a high school baseball team.

When the application for recognition was made in May, the song had been downloaded approximately 2.3 million times. Since then, however, a movie version of “Rookies” has been released and downloads of the song have increased even more – to 5.9 million.

The members of GReeeeN, who are all dentists and formed the group while in dental school, have never shown their faces in public and go by single-moniker pseudonyms.

Several weeks ago, the quartet released its fourth album, Shio, Kosho (“Salt, Pepper”), which has already broken the million-sales mark.