U2 Enables Future Bonos

U2 recently plunked down 5 million euro ($7 million) to co-fund a program giving Ireland’s kids a chance to develop their musical talents.

The other side of the co-fund arrangement is fundraising organization The Irish Funds, which is kicking in 2 million euro ($2.8 million).

Photo: AP Photo

The Music Network, a non-profit music services organization, will administer the program offering kids in Ireland the opportunity to learn an instrument or develop their vocal skills. The program will provide music teachers throughout Ireland and will expand throughout Ireland during 2010.

U2 donating big bucks to help music education in Ireland suggests the group is helping to pave the way for the next generation’s U2, Thin Lizzy or whatever Irish band is at the top of your personal favorites list. Maybe this program will even come up with the next Shane MacGowan. But with better teeth.

“Being around music at a young age was important for us and we were lucky to have it at school,” The Edge said in a statement. “We had been looking for some time for a way to get involved in an initiative in music education in Ireland. After talking to various people in Ireland about what to do, we came to the conclusion that the Music Network scheme is really well thought out and that we, in partnership with The Ireland Funds, should just get behind it.”

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