Vineland Deja Vu

Looks like there might be a Vineland Music Festival in New Jersey this fall after all – but it will be a much smaller affair than the one C3 Presents and Festival Republic canceled last summer. In fact, this Vineland Music Festival doesn’t involve a major promoter at all.

The new festival is being organized locally by Vineland Mayor Robert Romano, Cumberland County Director of Tourism Bob Rose and local businessman Russ Swanson, who hope to stage a one-day event for about 1,000 people this fall, according to the Courier Post newspaper.

At least one reason given for the demise of the original Vineland Festival was local opposition to a three-day music fest on a 570-acre farm outside of town. The farm has since been sold and Romano, who was a vocal opponent of the plan, defeated incumbent and festival supporter Perry Barse for Vineland’s mayorship shortly after the cancellation.

Now, Romano seems to be picking up where Barse left off, with the exception of the major artists and promoters, a location and the expected mob of music fans.

“We want to get something nice and small, get it established and build from there,” Rose told the paper. There are no dates or even definite plans as yet, but Swanson said they are “eyeing a few dates in September. And if those don’t work out, the festival would be scheduled in 2010.”

In the meantime, Rose is in charge of scouting national acts and a production team while Swanson organizes local and regional artists, according to the Courier Post.