‘Redneck Woman’ To Start Her Own Label

Gretchen Wilson, the country singer who first gained prominence with her 2004 Grammy-winning hit “Redneck Woman,” is starting her own label, appropriately called “Redneck Records.”

Wilson announced a parting of the ways with her longtime label, Sony Music Nashville, earlier this week, indicating she might have a new single to release on her new label as early as September, and a new album in November.

Photo: Adam Bielawski
Chicago Country Music Festival, Soldier Field Stadium.

Wilson also said she’s grateful for her time with Sony Music Nashville, but since the label merged with BMG in 2004, most of the people she worked with have gone on to other things.

“Today, maybe three of those original people I was working with are there,” Wilson said. “It started feeling like it wasn’t my family anymore. I didn’t feel as comfortable as I wanted to.”

Wilson’s 2004 debut album – Here For The Party – was a monster success for the former bartender by selling 6 million copies and producing hits like “Redneck Woman,” “When I Think About Cheatin’” and “Homewrecker.”

But her later albums – 2005’s All Jacked Up and 2007’s One of the Boys – produced only one Top 10 hit between them.

Wilson says her next album, called I Got Your Country Right Here, is the right album at the right time.

“I think it’s exactly what my fans want and exactly the record I want to make,” Wilson said.