Stalking The Elusive Miley

In yet another example of the price celebs pay for fame and fortune, a 53-year-old man has been charged with attempting to stalk teen star Miley Cyrus.

Mark McLeod of Appling, Ga., is the alleged stalker. This isn’t McLeod’s first arrest for attempting to get up close and personal with Cyrus. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction of a police officer on June 22 while attempting to meet up with the popster.

Photo: AP Photo
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At that time officers arrested McLeod for trying to breach a security perimeter around the movie set of “The Last Song” which Cyrus is appearing in. According to the police report, McLeod then told officers he was there “to be with Miley.” McLeod also told police he and the star “were supposed to be together,” that he had sent her gifts, including a diamond ring, and that she had agreed to marry him.

McLeod also claimed Cyrus sent him secret messages through her TV show, and that her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, approved of the “relationship.”

“Our eyes met at her concert and we both knew,” the June police report quotes McLeod saying. “I walked straight through security and up to her bus. Billy Ray was standing there. He shook my hand and said you’re the good man we’ve been praying for.”

Needless to say, police were keeping an eye out for McCleod to return to the area, and the alleged stalker did not disappoint.

“He was asking for Miley and going up and knocking on some doors” of beach homes near the set, Tybee Island Police Chief Jim Price said. “The security guards recognized him. In fact, he went up to the security guards and asked them ‘Is Miley around?’”

Photo: AP Photo/Chatham County Sheriff’s Dept.
An undated file photo released by the Chatham County, Ga. Sheriff’s Department shows Mark McLeod, age 53.

Police got a warrant charging McLeod with criminal attempted stalking after he returned to Tybee Island Sunday. McLeod wasn’t charged with stalking when arrested in June, but was warned by police officers not to come back.

Police arrested McLeod last night in his Appling, Ga., home – 180 miles from Tybee Island. He’s being transported back to jail in Chatham County today.

Apparently McLeod’s fascination with Cyrus goes back before the June incident and arrest. The New York Daily News shot video of him standing in line at a Cyrus book-signing appearance in Manhattan in March.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever, uh, actually been face to face with her,” McLeod told the Daily News. “I talk to her a lot but it’s kind of like I talk and she responds with pictures. It’s just the way we communicate. I’m going to get her some flowers and I’m going to ask her to marry me.”