Super Concert Shuffle

A state Department of Justice investigation reportedly hasn’t stopped Ultimate Concerts CEO Napoleon Brewer from hawking part-time job opportunities to sell a card that allegedly gives buyers special access to concerts. This time he’s targeting teens in Charlotte, N.C.

Brewer is pitching a Back To School Cash Rewards Program that offers students aged 16-19 a chance to earn up to $1,000 in gift cards for back-to-school clothes and supplies. All the students have to do is get 20 people to sign up for his company’s Super Concert Access Card at $8.95 a month, according to local TV news reports.

A press release on the program claims a series of concerts, called “2009 Pop Fest Mega Concert Series 1-10,” is being scheduled for October through December at the area’s Bojangles Coliseum and possibly another venue.

No concerts have been booked at Bojangles or anywhere else, the TV station reported July 30, so cardholders are paying for a service that isn’t available.

Ultimate Concerts allegedly doesn’t have a license to do business in Charlotte.

Brewer and his company previously held job fairs in January and February that promised hundreds of jobs at a planned call center but pulled the plug each time.

That move, and Better Business Bureau complaints reportedly filed against Ultimate Concerts, led the state Attorney General’s Office to launch its investigation.