The band, which is in the middle of a worldwide promotional tour for upcoming release Shaka Rock, had made it through two songs when Cester passed out. After regaining consciousness, he quipped that he was suffering from swine flu and then collapsed a second time.

The band’s tour manager scooped up the felled frontman to get him some much needed medical attention while his bandmates gamely soldiered on through another three songs before throwing in the towel. The singer had reportedly not been feeling well all day, but insisted on going onstage so as not to disappoint fans.

According to Jet’s Web site, Cester is “currently undergoing further tests and evaluations” and is “suffering from dehydration and severe low blood pressure and is being held in hospital for a second day awaiting test results.”

Josh Klemme, from the band’s management company Tenth Street Entertainment, added, “JET is just completing their second trip around the world in support of the upcoming release of Shaka Rock.

“Hopping from airplane to airplane, city to city and country to country could compromise anyone’s health. Nic’s drive to give it his all and get up on stage to perform despite feeling ill is a testament to how strongly he and the band feel about “She’s A Genius” as a single and Shaka Rock as an album.”

Shaka Rock is due out September 7.