The three-time Grammy-winner kicks off her run Sept. 18 with a special show at Minneapolis’ First Avenue and, so far, is set to be out hitting clubs and theatres across the U.S. and Canada through mid-October.

Notable gigs include three night stands in New York City and Chicago, which will feature two sets from select period of Williams’ career. The first set on opening night will cover the period from 1979-1989, the second night will take in 1992-2001 and closing night will include music from 2004 to the present. The second set each night will feature songs from throughout the singer’s celebrated career.

During a two night stand in Toronto, the singer will perform selections from Ramblin’, Happy Woman Blues, Lucinda Williams, Essence and World Without Tears over two sets the first night. She’ll cover Sweet Old World, Car Wheels…, West and Little Honey during a pair of sets the second evening.

Additional multi-night stands will be added in early 2010.