Cuban Concert Crisis

Juanes is taking some heat for a planned “Peace Without Borders” performance in Havana, Cuba, next month.

Cuban exile organization Vigilia Mambisa has accused the Colombian crooner of promoting the Castro regime.

Photo: AP Photo
Coliseo Cubierto El Campín, Bogota, Colombia

Recently protesting in Miami, Vigilia members smashed Juanes’ albums and held up signs that read “Juanes, Guerrillas Without Borders,” and “Juanes, Friend of the Murderous Castros,” according to the Latin American Herald Tribune.

However, organizers of the event, which will be held in the city’s Revolution Plaza Sept. 20, have insisted the aim of the concert isn’t political.

Cuban folk singer Amaury Perez, who is expected to perform during the show, explained Juanes doesn’t plan to sing praises of the Cuban system.

“Juanes isn’t a communist, he isn’t a socialist,” Perez said. “I can assure you, because I’ve been involved in all of the preparations, that no political condition has been imposed.”

This isn’t the first “Borders” concert Juanes has hosted. The singer joined forces with Juan Luis Guerra, Miguel Bose, Carlos Vives and Alejandro Sanz last year for a concert at the border of Colombia and Venezuela to ease tensions among South American countries.

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