I know, I know, “This has nothing to do with music!” But as it turns out, it does.

Ready? Here goes: Besides her pageant creds, Peniche was a contestant (?) on a little show called “Celebrity Rehab.”

One of the other celebs attempting to dry out on “Rehab” was none other than troubled country singer Mindy McCready.

Multiple sources are reporting that McCready, probably most famous now for her illicit underage affair with baseball star Roger Clemens, shacked up with Peniche for a while after the pair appeared together on the show.

After an argument about money, Peniche claims McCready stole the hard drive from her computer. And on that hard drive was … the McSteamy & Co. sex – er – naked tape.

I know, right? If somebody wrote this scenario into “Gossip Girl” or – well – “Grey’s Anatomy,” the series would get canned for being too unbelievable.

Although “Access Hollywood” tried to get a statement from McCready about the charge, she was unavailable for comment.

Stay tuned.