Fans who buy physical copies of Get Color, due Sept. 8, have a chance of finding one of 66 handmade prize tickets hidden in the first shipment. Each ticket has a unique code that entitles the winner to one of the wildly unique prizes HEALTH is giving away.

And, true to their inspiration, the band has hung the grand prize, a 3-night “Los Angeles Adventure,” on finding the golden ticket.

The band describes the package this way: “Round trip airfare, three days and two nights of entertainment. You are staying with us. We will take you to Magic Mountain. We will take you to the zoo. We will bring you breakfast in bed. We will love each other.”

Of course the prize does come with this tongue-in-cheek disclaimer: “If you have been remanded to either a penitentiary or a mental health facility for a custodial sentence up to or exceeding 30 days, please provide us with full disclosure. This is for our safety and yours.”

Other prizes in the contest range from the conventional (poster test pressing, autographed vinyl, autographed book, guest list for two, HEALTH T-shirt, a bouquet of flowers from the band) to the downright odd (“intoxicated video chat plus arts and crafts time – we will get steadily inebriated with you over iChat while working on a project together,” a lock of a band member’s hair, a photograph of one of the members’ mother, a historically themed phone call from the band, a bag of Jupiter’s cat’s hair plus a photo of her, an astrological consultation by a band members’ mother and my personal favorite – “an uplifting phone call from the band’s manager”).

HEALTH will be out on the road across the U.S. and abroad in support of Get Color through the end of September.

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