Ingram Preps For Tomorrow’s Gab-A-Thon

Jack Ingram plans to talk like there’s no tomorrow come, well, tomorrow as the country star attempts to break the world’s record for most radio interviews in one day.

The current record is 96 interviews held by public speaking motivators TJ Walker and Jess Todtfeld, according to a Guinness World Records representative. The previous record – 72 interviews – was held by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump.

Photo: Janae Wilkinson /
Taste Addison Festival, Addison, TX

And Ingram is looking to do more than just 96-plus-one interviews. He’s shooting for 225.

“When I first went to No. 1 with ‘Wherever You Are,’ I spent a week on the phone every morning for four or five hours at a time talking to radio stations,” Ingram said. “It’s a fantastic way to travel the country without going anywhere.”

Along with talking about his career and life on the road, Ingram appears to be open to just about any topic interviewers care to question him about. But then, he’s facing up to 225 interviews and just rehashing the same talking points in each encounter with radio hosts is bound to get boring as the day goes on.

“Caffeine is probably going to be my friend,” adds Ingram.

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