Teen Who?

A twenty-something in Minnesota got a surprise in the mail after he purchased tickets on Ticketmaster.com to what was listed as a show by the reunited ’90s pop-punk outfit Teen Idols.

Instead, fan Chris Stout realized he’d scored tickets to an entirely different Teen Idols show featuring a few guys he’d never heard of – Micky Dolenz, Peter Noone and Mark Lindsay – at Grand Casino in Onamia.

Stout told the local Star Tribune his initial attempts to secure a refund were brushed off. After the paper got involved, however, TM reportedly fixed the listing and sent out correction e-mails and refund details to ticketholders for the mistake.

“My mom saw the casino ad for the real ‘Teen Idols’ show the day after I got my tickets,” Stout said. “She at least knew who those three guys were.”