‘La Vida’ Lawsuit Dismissed

The lawsuit over “Viva La Vida” has quietly been dismissed.

The Coldplay song that Joe Satriani likened to his own “If I Could Fly” was the impetus for the copyright infringement lawsuit that was dismissed with prejudice from a U.S. District Court in California Sept. 14.

Each party will bear its own costs and attorney fees, according to the order for dismissal.

Several media outlets suggested that a settlement agreement may have been reached, but nothing of that sort has been confirmed.
Satriani claimed that Coldplay’s Grammy-winning song was lifted in large part from the guitarist’s 2004 instrumental.

Meanwhile, Yusuf has claimed that “Viva La Vida” sounds too much like his 1973 song “Foreigner Suite,” but the former Cat Stevens has not pursued any legal action.