DJ Court Drama Dismissed

A New York federal judge tossed a suit filed by Cash Money Records against several “mixtape” DJs and their distributor alleging infringement and other charges for their use of six Lil’ Wayne tracks without permission.

Judge Miriam Cedarbaum ruled in July that Cash Money had failed “to clearly state any case of action upon which relief could be granted” and agreed to dismiss the case without prejudice, giving the label until Sept. 14 to file an amended complaint.

When attorneys failed to meet that deadline, Cedarbaum closed the case by dismissing “with prejudice” – meaning Cash Money can’t refile.

Defense attorney Wallace Collins, apparently looking forward to Halloween, said that Cedarbaum’s ruling “basically drives a stake through the heart of the action and puts the final nail in the coffin of this lawsuit – it’s over and done!”

The specific case may be over, but since it never came close to resolving the issue of infringement of recorded material by mixtape DJs and others, it’s no doubt a case for another day by another artist and label.