Going For The Guinness

Tonight’s gig isn’t just another stop on the road for Creed and Staind. The bands are aiming for Guinness greatness as they attempt to break two world records.

Tonight’s record-shattering attempt at Houston’s Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion isn’t about endurance or stamina, nor is it based on attendance, volume levels or the number of hot dogs Creed’s Scott Stapp can down in 60 seconds.

Photo: John Davisson
Amway Arena, Orlando, Fl.

Instead, tonight’s Guinness moment is more technical in nature as the bands aim to break not one but two world records – the most cameras ever used to capture a live music performance, and the most still cameras used to record a sequence.

The still cameras used in tonight’s shoot – customized Nikons patented by production firm The Big Freeze – are capable of shutter speeds reaching 1/400,000th of a second and are described as creating the same kind of visual effects as those displayed in the film “The Matrix” – those “slowing time” moments where Neo appeared to be standing still while the background moved around him.

And just to make sure tonight’s concert is a true record-breaker, two Guinness reps will monitor the event and stand ready to certify two historic benchmarks.

Photo: John Davisson
Augustine Amphitheatre, Florida.

But tonight would still be special even without all the Guinness whoop-de-doo. The show will be beamed live to the U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and USO locations throughout the world.

Civilian fans can also view tonight’s moment in record-breaking history via Mycontent.com and Rockpit.com.

For more information, click here for Mycontent.com and here for Rockpit.com.