Paperless Lions

Ticketmaster recently debuted a system for Pennsylvania State University that allows students to purchase and exchange paperless tickets to the Nittany Lions’ football home games.

The system links the tickets to students’ ID cards and puts a $60 resale cap on seats, which go for $30 per game. The system also limits the number of games students can resell to six.

Previously, Penn State students were apparently able to score as much as $1,200 from reselling season tickets. Under the new system, a student could reportedly earn a maximum of $120.

The university’s Daily Collegian reported that long lines of students gathered at a resolution booth in front of the school’s Beaver Stadium after their ID cards swiped negative and the system went down completely during two of the school’s earliest games of the season.

However, Penn State Associate Athletic Director Greg Myford told the paper that the paperless system had no glitches and lines moved quickly during a Sept. 19 game.

“My idea is to continue to look at it and make improvements,” Myford said. “From week one to where we are now, we know we’ve been able to do that.”