U2 Tops Giants Stadium

U2’s Sept. 24 gig at New Jersey’s Giants Stadium drew 84,472 fans, breaking an attendance record previously set by Pope John Paul II in 1995.

The concert also topped any attendance stats that might have been set by New Jersey favorite sons Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. The Springsteen connection is also noteworthy because U2 shattered the venue’s attendance record one day after The Boss’ 60th birthday.

“News just in,” Bono said near the end of the night’s performance. “We’ve broken every record for attendance in this stadium – including the Pope. Sorry, Bruce – we know it’s your birthday and all.”

The 33-year-old stadium is scheduled to be demolished next year to make way for the new Meadowlands Stadium, something Bono also mentioned while announcing the band’s record-breaking moment.

“I know they’re knocking this place down,” the U2 frontman said. “We probably won’t be here again before the wrecking ball but it was a magic place for us as well as the Giants.”