Jackson Suits Aplenty

The estate of Michael Jackson has filed a trademark infringement suit against a foundation that shares a moniker with one of the King of Pop’s songs.

According to the suit filed by estate administrators John Branca and John McClain, the Heal the World foundation is improperly using the song trademark and benefiting from unfair competition by including photos of Jackson on the foundation Web site in attempts to solicit donations.

“Defendants’ acts of infringement and unfair competition have been committed with the intent to cause confusion, mistake and to deceive,” the suit says.

While Jackson created his own Heal the World charity in 1992, it was dissolved 10 years later.

The filing claims the new Heal the World foundation, which had no relationship with the Jackson family, was formed and registered the trademark to its name in 2008.

The organization has also reportedly sought the trademarks to such words and phrases as “Thriller,” “Neverland” and “King of Pop.”
Heal the World apparently filed a notice of intent to use Jackson’s name and likeness to sell merch during the recent estate case following the singer’s death.

The suit seeks a cancellation of trademarks Heal the World has received.

In other Jackson news, two attorneys that represented the King of Pop during his 2005 child molestation trial, in which he was acquitted, have filed suit against the Jackson estate.

Thomas Mesereau Jr. and Susan Yu are seeking $341,000 in legal fees for defending the singer during the case.