Don’t Blame It On The Rain

Korean pop star Rain is on tour in Asia, and some people are taking advantage of his popularity in a bad way.

One of the tour organizers, J. Tune Entertainment, announced Sept. 30 that a Web site selling tickets to a Rain concert in Shanghai was a scam.

“The site selling the Shanghai concert tickets is not a seller with a contract from us,” the announcement said. “We would like to inform you that this is a scam. We do not have any concerts [scheduled for] Shanghai at the moment.”

The site is said to have originated in China.

In addition, there was a site in Japan selling travel packages to the tour’s opening concert in Seoul Oct. 9 that J. Tune said was also a scam.

Rain is set to play only in Seoul and Hong Kong.

“If there are any sites that sell tickets that are not in these cities,” said the announcement, “then it is a scam.”