Festival Conference Gets Bigger Capacity

The U.K. Festival Conference that Steve Jenner bolted on to his organisation’s U.K. Festival Awards is proving so popular that it’s been moved to the larger Vue Cinema in London’s O2 complex.

The organisers are expecting 500 people, far more than could have fit into the Gibson Guitar showroom in the city’s Rathbone Place where last year’s inaugural event was held.

The festival topics under discussion include noise levels, festival crime including tent burglary, forged tickets and fake merchandise and how events can build and sustain their brands.

The conference is supported by trade magazines including Music Week, Live UK, TPi Magazine and IQ.

“We’re extremely proud of how we have developed this year’s U.K. Festival Conference as we feel that now is such an important time for the industry to join forces,” said UK Festival Conference & Awards co-director Chris McCormick.

“The U.K. festival industry is the most vibrant and exciting in the world, but it is essential for the global festival industries to come together and network, share information and discuss the burning topics.”

The U.K. Festival Conference is Nov.19 and the awards are in the neighbouring IndigO2 in the evening.