Gary Chaw Arrested

Hong Kong police arrested Malaysian pop singer Gary Chaw for fighting with a friend on the street Sept. 23, an act that was caught on video.

If convicted of assault, Chaw could face up to a year in prison.

The video clip shows Chaw attacking Justin Lo and trying to bash him over the head with a signboard.

The next day, he apologized for the incident but it has since been turned into a big news story, prompting police to investigate further. Chaw reportedly sneaked back into Malaysia to avoid reporters.

On Oct. 2 he returned to Hong Kong after being requested to do so by local police and was arrested upon arrival. He has since been released on bail.

As a result of the attention, all of Chaw’s upcoming concerts and TV appearances have been canceled and his record company has dropped his contract.

The media has reported that Chaw’s marriage to a Taiwanese woman is also on the rocks because of the singer’s drinking problems.