Gucci’s The Main Problem

North Carolina A&T State University has booked for its homecoming rapper Gucci Mane – who flaunts his association to the Bloods gang – and the Oct. 31 show has stirred debate within the historically black college.

Debate began shortly after students returned to school last month. The concert has sold 6,000 tickets so far, but not all of the student body is supporting it.

In fact, Syene Jasmin, A&T’s student government association president, publicly apologized for the booking in a local television interview – which itself drew criticism from students for airing the college’s dirty laundry in public.

Chancellor Harold Martin said the school does not want to censor any artist but gang activity and drug dealing don’t jibe with welcoming alumni and celebrating the university.

Mane’s songs include “Blood in Blood Out” and “Same Red Rag.”