Strong Start For Aussie Summer Festivals

The Parklife tour (Sept. 26 to Oct. 3) set a strong start for the Australian summer festivals.

Unofficial figures had it drawing 28,000 to the Gold Coast, 15,000 to Perth, 13,000 to Adelaide, 17,000 to Melbourne and 40,000 to Sydney.

The major draw was headliner Empire Of the Sun, which unveiled its kooky theatrical live show.

Parklife’s strong draw came weeks before tickets for Big Day Out, Soundwave, Good Vibrations and Playground Weekender went on sale.

Almost 100 Parklife patrons faced drug charges. A sad story was the Sydney drug dealer who figured he’d bury his stash on the site months in advance so he wouldn’t be caught by drug-sniffing dogs at the gates.

Alas, he arrived to find a stage built over his hiding spot.