Florida Hip-Hop Debate

A Fort Myers, Fla., city councilman who suggested banning hip-hop concerts in the city to curtail crime in the downtown area has since changed his tune after a bit of blacklash from the community.

Councilman Warren Wright reportedly suggested banning hip-hop events at Harborside Events Center because a downtown bouncer was stabbed followed a Sept. 6 Plies concert, according to the city’s News-Press.

However, Wright’s suggestion didn’t go over well with local business owners, who said a ban on just one genre was taking things too far. He admitted he could have better presented his thoughts.

“It’s really not the issue of hip-hop concerts,” Wright said. “It’s about, how are we dealing with what’s going on downtown?”

The Fort Myers City Council voted Oct. 5 to allow hip-hop shows in town with the goal that club owners, police and security coordinate efforts to keep crime and violence to a minimum, the paper said.