WME Staying Put?

The ongoing saga of Ari Emanuel’s alleged default on William Morris Endeavor Entertainment’s new six-story building under construction in Beverly Hills continues with another Los Angeles publication saying WME staff aren’t moving anywhere.

Nikki Finke’s Oct. 9 Deadline Hollywood column claimed to have confirmation that WME will break the lease with building owner George Comfort & Sons based on the Gersh agency’s too-close-for-comfort proximity to WME’s new digs. Both companies would share parking and valet service, a point Emanuel allegedly considers breach of contract.

Finke’s column also said the Willie Mo staff will move into Endeavor’s building.

However, George Comfort & Sons lawyer Michael Federman previously told The Wrap that WME doesn’t have a legit reason to break the lease and had filed legal paperwork stating so.

WME spokesman Christian Muirhead told Pollstar the company has no comment.