The HP Envy 15 Beats is a limited edition notebook PC resulting from a collaboration between HP engineers, Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairman Jimmy Iovine.

It’s all about the beats as in Beats Electronics, the company Iovine and Dre founded in 2006 to develop and sell headphones so good listeners would think they were in the actual recording studio. When Iovine and Dre decided to add computers to Beats, they turned to HP.

“We found that most PCs downgrade sound to unacceptable levels and when you reduce it further to a limited platform, like an MP3, the music doesn’t stand a chance,” Iovine said. “If music is an emotion, if it sounds better, then the emotion is better. With HP, we found a partner willing to take the steps to improve the overall sound in the PC and to bring it up to the level that musicians hear in the studio.”

Of course, any notebook PC sporting a Dr. Dre connection must be stylish and the Envy 15 Beats is no exception. Described as featuring a high-gloss “piano back” finish, the computer’s overall look was designed to fit in with Beats Electronics’ headphone line and comes bundled with Beats Audio software.

But Dre and Iovine weren’t the only music pros contributing to the computer’s specs. Wil.I.Am, Timbaland, Polow Da Don and Pharrell were also instrumental in bringing the Envy 15 Beats machine to life.

“Beats is about sound,” Dr. Dre said. “That’s all it’s ever been about, starting with the headphones and now moving to the Beats Envy computer we’re doing with HP. The laptop is the new stereo for a lot of people and that’s why we’re putting out this computer with incredible sound.”

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