Venue Vision For Quebec City?

Plans for the construction of a new arena in Quebec City and the rebirth of the NHL’s Quebec Nordiques have been circling the rumor mill, but no official announcements were made at press time.

A recent meeting between the mayor of Quebec City Regis Labeaume, former Nordiques owner Marcel Aubut and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman sparked reports that the city could once again house a team. However, Bettman previously said the city would need to build a cutting-edge arena to be considered.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly echoed that sentiment, but added the city could face competition.

“We’re open to considering every market that could potentially support an NHL franchise,” Daly wrote in an e-mail to the National Post. “Obviously, given the popularity of NHL hockey in Canada, Canadian markets have to be considered as prime candidates for future expansion or franchise relocation, to the extent the relocation of an existing franchise becomes necessary. There is, however, nothing currently planned or imminent in that regard.

“Given a new building, strong ownership and the right circumstances … yes,” he said.

The Nordiques franchise was sold in 1995 and moved to Denver as the Colorado Avalanche.