DMX’s Concert Rumble

DMX and security guards got into a fracas at the Phil Long Expo Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., Oct. 16 when the hip-hop star tried to take the stage.

Reports vary as to why the incident, caught on camera, took place.

Footage shows DMX and his handlers arguing with security, allegedly after 11 p.m. The guards told DMX he missed his unusually early headlining start time of 9:30 p.m. and the crowd was already told he was not performing.

Someone informs the guards that if DMX doesn’t take the stage, there could be a riot, to which one responds, “We already have a riot.”

DMX was later tackled as he attempted to get to the stage, according to various reports and film footage, and apparently got on stage to find the sound system turned off.

J. Baldrick of record label Dirty Limelight / Hustle Hard took to the Internet to claim DMX was actually told to wait until 11 p.m. by promoter Soulclay Entertainment. He says the promotion company had paid DMX only about half of his performance fee.

The accusation that DMX arrived late and was not permitted to perform was a ploy by the promoters to avoid paying the balance, Baldrick claimed.

DMX’s publicist reportedly received a concussion and lacerations during the scuffle.

The event was a benefit for American Charities.

Footage of the scuffle can be seen here.