Songwriter Vic Mizzy Dies

The man who wrote “They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky: the Addams Family” died Saturday in his Bel Air, California, home. He was 93.

Mizzy was an A-list songwriter during the ‘50s and his songs were recorded by the biggest names of that era’s music scene, including Dean Martin, Billie Holiday, Doris Day and Perry Como.

Photo: AP Photo / Jonathan Wolfson
In this 2004 photo released by Jonathan Wolfson shows Vic Mizzy at his home in the Bel Air area of Los Angeles.

But the theme song he wrote for a 1960s television sitcom featuring a rather macabre family that aired for only two years on the ABC network is his most memorable work. The theme to “The Addams Family” is still sung today, ingrained in the memories of young and old alike, as well as played at sporting events.

“He was smart enough to demand to own the song, which was unheard of at the time,” said Mizzy’s manager, Jonathan Wolfson. “So any time you go to a Lakers game and they play that song, he made money.”

Mizzy sang the TV theme song himself and overdubbed his voice three times to give the impression of multiple singers. He also directed the actors, including John Astin as Gomez Addams and Carolyn Jones as his lovely wife Morticia, snapping their fingers to the music while the theme played over the show’s opening credits.

Brooklyn born, Mizzy learned to play the piano as a child. While in his teens he partnered with Irving Taylor to write songs and sketches for variety shows. The team of Mizzy and Taylor continued to write tunes, including “Three Little Sisters” and “Take It Easy,” while Mizzy served in the Navy during WWII.

He also wrote another famous TV ditty during the ‘60s – the theme to “Green Acres.” Mizzy’s other TV theme credits include “F Troop,” “Mister Ed” and “Petticoat Junction.”

Mizzy’s latest song was a track that appeared in the DVD release of the movie “Spider-Man 2.”

Now, one more time. For Mizzy:

So get a witches shawl on, a broomstick you can crawl on, we’re gonna pay a call on The Addams Family.

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