Gwar – King Of The Press Release

We see a lot of press releases here at the ol’ ranch, but if we were to give out an award honoring the best press announcement today, we’d probably hand it over to Gwar for the band’s “Meat & Beat” proclamation.

Photo: Mark Coatsworth /
Codpiece, latex prosthetics – it’s all in a night’s work for Oderus Urungus and Gwar at Toronto’s Opera House.

You gotta love a press release that promises “Fans will then have an opportunity to ‘Meat’ the band, and be ‘Beaten’ by them.”

What the hell are they talking about? Simply put, it’s a chance to meet the band. Gwar says the special privilege will be offered to “certain specially selected (selected by them paying) Gwar fans.”

The band also offers a kind of tongue-in-cheek quote for press flaks like us to use.

“This is actually an opportunity for Gwar to take the time to personally express all of our appreciation to our loyal fans who have kept us rocking for 25 years,” said band member Oderus Urungus. “And then beat off all over them.”

The “Meat & Beats” won’t happen at every Gwar show. Furthermore, we’re not even sure how much these special moments will cost. All Gwar is saying is to visit the merch booth on the night of the show to get your own “meat-up” with the band.

The Gwar Meat & Beat venues are as follows:

Oct. 31 at the Palladium in Worcester, Mass.
Nov. 2 at the Sound Academy in Toronto.
Nov. 14 at Marquee City in Tempe, Ariz.
Nov. 16 at House of Blues in W. Hollywood.
Nov. 24 at the Regency Center in San Francisco.
Nov. 28 at The Knitting Factory in Spokane.
Nov. 29 at the King Cat Theatre in Seattle.
Nov. 30 at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.
Dec. 2 at the Edmonton Events Center in Edmonton.
Dec. 3 at the MacEwan Hall Ballroom in Calgary.
Dec. 7 at House of Blues in Chicago.
Dec. 10 at 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.
Dec. 12 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

Photo: Adam Bielawski
In concert, 2007

Gwar also used today’s press blast to plug Oderus’ Oct. 23 return to Fox News Red Eye

“After my rude remarks about the Golden Girls, I was unsure of my future with the program, but apparently the people at Fox hate old ladies as much as I do, so I am back on the show.”

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