D.O.A. Ex-Drummer Not Dead

Earlier this week it was reported that Chuck Biscuits, former drummer for Vancouver punk band D.O.A. and who in the past pounded skins for Danzig, Black Flag and Social Distortion, had died. Turns out those reports weren’t quite correct.

That’s because Biscuits is alive and well, according to the drummer’s brother. What’s more, D.O.A. founder Joe Keithley told the Canadian Press that reports of Biscuits dying from throat cancer” were a “cruel hoax.”

The story also has a special Halloween touch. Keithley said a friend of Biscuits received an e-mail from the drummer days after the bogus death story emerged. Now that’s spooky.

So how did the rumor death mill target Biscuits? Apparently the story originated with a New York freelance writer who now says he was tricked into reporting the drummer’s alleged demise.