Can’t Quit The Pit

When a concert promoter needs to argue that moshing is common at concerts, one need only turn to the 3-year-old fans of The Wiggles.

Corey Adams, owner of The Avalon in South Salt Lake, Utah, has been clashing with the city’s fire marshal because of mosh pits at his all-ages show, according to the Salt Lake City Weekly.

Adams’ live entertainment license has been revoked and his attorney called Dee-Dee Hill, president of the SmithsTix ticketing company, to testify on Adams’ behalf in court. Hill said her company sold 30,000 to 40,000 Avalon tickets, according to the newspaper.

She told the court the entertainment industry has struggled with moshing for 15 years. Even when The Wiggles came to the E Center in West Valley City, 3-year-olds were “going crazy” in front of the stage in “a baby mosh pit.”

Moshing is impossible to stop, Hill reportedly said. “It was not our intention to take away a particular type of music,” city attorney Paul Roberts told the paper.