Juggalos Protest ICP Cancellation

Fans of the Insane Clown Posse, known as Juggalos, were angry about the cancellation of the group’s Nov. 9 concert at the Kingston Event Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and protested in front of City Hall to show their frustration.

The show was reportedly canceled just days earlier by promoter Red Tie Concerts because of concern in the community about ICP’s controversial message and influence.

“After much encouragement from passionate members of our community, Red Tie Concerts has decided to cancel the upcoming Insane Clown Posse show,” the message on Red Tie’s Web site says. “We are sorry for the frustration or inconvenience this causes to those who have already purchased tickets.”

One of those concerned community members is Rocky Mountain Middle School Principal Shalene French, who asked that the show be canceled, according to television station KIFI.

Although the local police and sheriff’s department have not reported any problems with Juggalos, French reportedly told KIFI she was worried about violent content in the group’s songs.

“After visiting with city council members, it wasn’t so much free speech, but who is going to pay for extra security,” she said.

ICP fans disagree, claiming to be singled out because of their musical taste when gangster rap concerts held in the area don’t appear to be under the same scrutiny.

“[ICP does] like to rap about things people don’t like to hear but they rap about things that happen every day in our world,” one fan told KIFI.

Ticket holders were given the option to exchange their ICP tickets for another Red Tie Concert next year or request a refund.