Katt Facing Burglary Charge

Katt Williams was recently released from an Atlanta jail on $40,000 bail following charges of burglary and criminal trespassing.

The comedian was arrested in the outlying town of Newnan Nov. 8 after a police received a call reporting that Williams had broken into a home and taken several items including jewelry.

But according to Williams attorney William Briggs, it was all just a big mix-up.

Briggs told CNN his client was in fact a guest in the house, owned by record producer Barry Hankerson, where Williams had been filming a movie for nearly a month.

According to police reports, an employee of Hankerson’s had called the police to report the theft of roughly $3,500 in jewelry and collectible coins.

However, Briggs said that Hankerson, who is producing the movie, had spoken with investigators on Nov. 9 and explained that the comedian had permission to stay indefinitely in the home.

Another attorney for Williams, Alan Clarke, said in court that the community and law enforcement had been very welcoming to Williams and called the incident a “misunderstanding which will work out quickly,” CNN reported.