Zero To A Million For The Jacksons

It looks as if Joe Jackson is out of the Michael Jackson inheritance sweepstakes. Yesterday, a judge ruled the elder Jackson does not stand to inherit any of his son’s assets. Meanwhile, court documents reveal the private memorial held for the King of Pop cost nearly $1 million.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled the obvious – that father Joe was not named in the will, which directs money to the Moonwalker’s mother and children.

“I don’t think he gets to step into this and create further litigation,” the judge said. “Joe Jackson takes none of this estate. This is a decision his son made.”

Earlier yesterday, MJ’s mother, Katherine, announced through her new probate attorney, Adam Streisand, that she withdrew her objections to the appointments of two of her son’s associates – attorney John Branca and music exec John McClain – as executors of the will.

According to Streisand, Katherine now believes the appointments per her son’s will “enhance the legacy of Michael Jackson in the best interest of his children.”

Joe Jackson attorney Brian Oxman accused the family matriarch of reneging on an agreement to challenge the executors, calling the reversal “one of the most despicable things I have ever seen.”

While the judge closed the door on Joe, he did not rule out an allowance because the elder Jackson claimed Michael had supported him.

A request for an allowance was filed the same day, and detailed Joe’s monthly expenses, including $1,200 rent for his Las Vegas home; $2,500 for restaurants; $1,000 for entertainment, gifts and vacations; $2,000 for air travel and $3,000 for hotels.

To help offset all those charges, Jackson does get a little help from Social Security – $1,700 a month.

A hearing on the requested allowance will be held Dec. 10.

In a separate development, the court revealed expenses for the private memorial held for Michael Jackson Sept. 3 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

The court docs also revealed that attorneys for Jackson’s mother submitted requests to pay the memorial costs to estate administrators only three days before the service. The lawyers warned Jackson’s mother that the memorial service would be canceled, causing the family “public embarrassment and added grief, along with the daunting task of having to make new arrangements” if payments were not received by the funeral home and Glendale police by Sept. 1.

Estate administrators did not contest the payments nor did they question a $49,000 reimbursement given to Janet Jackson for an advance payment for the memorial.

How much does it cost to conduct a private memorial for a King of Pop? The bill included $5,000 per day to store the body until the service; $1,975 for wardrobe for the family; $2,000 for usher costumes; $3,628 for the framing of a photo of MJ placed next to the casket; $959 for embroidery; $11,716 for invitations and programs; $16,000 for flowers; $30,000 for cars and security and $15,000 for a funeral designer.

There was also a $21,455 charge for the “funeral repast” at a restaurant after the ceremony. The final bill was $855,730, which also included purchasing other plots within the mausoleum where Jackson rests in peace.