Police Investigate Attempted Shooting

San Francisco police are seeking a suspect in an attempted shooting that took place outside The Regency Ballroom Nov. 15 that reportedly left 12 people injured.

A sold-out show at the venue hosted by radio station KMEL-FM featuring R&B performers Trey Songz and LeToya Luckett had finished at about 10:15 p.m. when the trouble reportedly started.

The injuries were not life-threatening.

AEG Live’s Michael Roth told Pollstar that initial news reports the incident stemmed from the concert weren’t accurate.

“As the show was letting out, a fistfight between two males broke out in the street. Soon the two males became four – sort of a three-on-one,” Roth said. “We don’t know if they’d come out of the club or [not].

“The another man approached, who was not in the club, and he had a handgun.”

Roth added that police said one person was hit by a bullet but the others may have been hit by debris from a bullet hitting the ground.

Police told the San Francisco Chronicle there were no reported problems during the show. Roth stressed that early reports inaccurately implied the show was a hip-hop performance. The R&B show had a predominantly female audience, he added.

The investigation is ongoing.