Bangor Weighs Arena Costs

City officials in Bangor, Maine, are calling the proposed construction of a new 5,400-capacity arena an absolute “necessity” for the town but the project’s $73.6 million price tag could put a wrench in things.

In a recent committee meeting, the city finance director told officials that Bangor won’t be able to fund the project’s two phases in full on revenues from the Hollywood Slots racino and a 20-year bond, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The committee reviewed a report that recommended building the new arena initially, then pushing back to 2018 the second phase that would include renovations to the existing Bangor Auditorium & Civic Center, the paper said.

However, some officials disagreed with the price estimates for the project and pushed to begin construction sooner.

“We think now is the time to strike,” Hollywood Slots’ Steve Lambert told the paper. “We want both phases to go together.”

Councilor David Nealley echoed that statement, adding that some private benefactors are waiting for the city to sign on to the project before they get involved.

“There will be people coming to the table once they see progress,” he said.

The committee will meet again next month before making a final recommendation to the city council regarding the project, the Daily News reported.