Aerosmith Members: Tyler ‘Needs Help’

While everyone debates the future of Aerosmith following frontman Steven Tyler’s announcement that he’s taking two years off, several members of the band are opening up about recent developments that leave them uneasy.

“I think that [Steven] needs help and that attention needs to be put to his health,” Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer told People magazine.

And while at first glance that statement might appear to be simple concern for Tyler following a fall from the stage that left the 61-year-old with a broken shoulder, Kramer hinted it’s about something more, telling the magazine the singer has “isolated himself.”

“He’s got some bad influences in his life right now and he’s making poor choices,” the drummer explained.

Guitarist Brad Whitford told People the singer’s behavior during Aerosmith’s recent tour was increasingly “erratic” and “unpredictable.”

“It wasn’t an overnight change. It’s been progressively getting out of hand,” Whitford explained, noting the problem resulted in “loads of cancellations, canceled tours and canceled dates.”

The guitarist admits he has had little contact with Tyler following the sudden end of Aerosmith’s tour in August, saying, “I don’t know where he is and what he’s doing” and adding that he’s “concerned about [Tyler’s] well-being and health.”

Tyler and his reps insist that the break from Aerosmith is to give him time to work on his memoirs and a possible solo album. The singer also took pains to deny he’s doing drugs again in an August Rolling Stone interview.

In the meantime, despite the fact that Tyler categorically denies he’s leaving the band permanently, speculation continues to build that the other members of the band are mulling over the idea of finding a replacement, something Kramer says is practically unthinkable.

“It’s hard for me to imagine getting on stage without Steven,” the drummer told People. “He needs to take care of his health first and get help in order for there to be a future for an Aerosmith that includes him.”